Countdown – Ten

Glance at Diary and realise covering of dust is luxuriously thick. Feel sure this is suitable metaphor for past five months and endeavour to give it gentle shake (anything more vigorous would surely cause entire thing to fall apart).

Realise that one of last entries in Diary relates conversation with C. about The Early Retirement and note wryly that for both of us those initial thoughts have bloomed into Concrete Plans. It is therefore with heavy featherweight heart that I note there are ten working days until I can finally hang up leadership responsibilities. Morning meeting firmly establishes This Is Correct Decision as discussion about duties in Exclusion Room at lunchtimes leads to (frankly unfathomable) agreement that leadership colleagues will fulfil role of waiters to naughty children. Manage to resist temptation to query whether this is Best Use Of Leadership Time, repeat mantra of ‘ten days’ and make mental note to maintain radio silence.


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