Nothing is Normal except…

It is only with almost all students now back in school that levels of anxiety felt by Other People really come into focus. After five months of very happily living inside own rural bubble with only occasional visits into The Wider World (not been Up To Town since February and still not been in a supermarket since, was going to say March but actually is probably something like a year, supermarkets really not being Part Of My Life anyway). Genuinely surprised therefore to see so many colleagues wearing Face Coverings of various descriptions in areas and circumstances outside of those included in Guidance. Must stress that whilst I admit may be moribundly attached to many of The Old Ways, am resolutely not some anti-mask lunatic who sees themselves as ‘free thinking radical’ (for which read person who thinks ‘research’ is reading some memes on The Social Media). Seems clear that all talk of getting used to a New Normal has significant roots in reality.

Pleased to note, however, that The Old Normal is swiftly re-established in Leadership Team Meeting, where ‘strategic’ meeting instantly becomes mired in detailed thirty minute discussion argument about glue sticks and pens. Only when it is finally agreed that perhaps students should bring own to school does meeting move on to thirty minute discussion argument about Handing Out Books. At least there is no mention of chicken burgers.


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