Whatever You Do Will Have No Effect

Watched interesting video about Millennials and Mobile Technologies recently, prompted by leadership discussion around use of devices by students impacting negatively on Behaviour. Feel that chap in video (Simon Sinek – looking as though surely Millennial himself) makes compelling points but with Cynical Hat on cannot help but laugh at point being made that change needs to come at corporation level to have impact. This is something that chimes with Provincial Teacher thoughts on environmental ‘climate crisis’ at the moment, where all of us middle class worthies are getting in a tiz about not using plastic, buying loose lentils from the hipster shop in the city and buying almond soy hazelnut oat milk for our lattes. Firmly believe that all such actions will have minimal to zero global positive impact unless there is significant strategic and sustained committed change at government and corporation level. Argument that ‘market forces’ of people buying bamboo toothbrushes will force change seems to me profoundly naïve. Have been around long enough to have seen similar concerns expressed about the environment in past, accompanied by similar levels of hand wringing and resulting in zero long term commitment. All leading to change occurring extraordinarily slowly and positive impact being negligible/non-existent.

So the parallel is that my belief is that corporations simply WILL NOT make changes that Sinek is suggesting because ultimately they don’t care about worker welfare/people. Firmly believe that economic/cultural history (particularly recent) has shown this to be the case. So whilst am certainly in favour of implementing changes to phone/device policy in school(s) (i.e. students don’t need them in school and should not have them in school. Not even turned off and in bags. Just not in school. At all. Period.) I will take come convincing that schools can have a longer term impact when the cultural forces outside of our immediate environment continue to encourage the use of those technologies and devices.

May be horribly defeatist, but currently feel that our world is necessarily in period of civilised retreat. In face of rampant neo-liberal and right-wing ideologies becoming The Norm there are increasingly barriers being erected (both literal and metaphorical) to keep ‘the other side’ out and to ‘protect’ ourselves from what we find unpleasant/unwelcome/unacceptable (true from both sides of the barriers). Some will call banning use of social media and mobile devices in spaces such as schools and workplaces an action that will improve collective and individual mental health. Others will proclaim such actions abuses of power by elites and an infringement of Personal Freedom. A middle ground will not be permitted.

Would grudgingly concede that such bleak opinion on Bigger Picture may not be a reason to Do Nothing, but nevertheless cannot help feeling that this particular Dark Genie is out of the bottle and it’s not going to go back in. Perhaps in a hundred years from now historians will write papers on the strange, transitory blight of ‘social media’ that caused a global spike in depression in early 21st Century before the invention of (insert new technology that will Solve All Problems And Create Different Ones – probably the same as previous ones but given a different buzzword). Perhaps not.

Only time will tell (and most of us won’t be here to say ‘I told you so’).