New academic year begins with flurry of activity on Staff Training Day ahead of students’ return tomorrow. Training Day itinerary very much like that for every other First Day Back in past decade, in other words: Something On Safeguarding, Something on Teaching and Learning, Something on School Performance in Exams, Something on School Priorities for the year ahead (informed, pleased to say, on School Performance in Exams) followed by Year Teams, Subject Teams and ‘Personal Time’ (where this last item is eroded to nothing due to over-running of all previous items). There is much talk about Knowledge Curriculums and Diving Deep (no, still none the wiser).

Other activities for The First Day Back seem mainly to centre around constant barrage of Meeting Invites for things in the school calendar that are immediately deleted and/or rejected (hence ‘dejected’. Ta da! You’re welcome. *cymbal strike*). Most of these are for items I have already added to own calendar because I am Sad and/or Control Freak. Also admit to possibility/probability that adding things to calendar is terrific Avoidance Technique and immediately panic that have just spent ten minutes writing this diary entry as carbon copy of one written on same day for past two years.

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