On Reading

Like many schools our Provincial High School has, for the last couple of years, had a Big Push On Reading. Reading journals, reading newsletters, reading competitions, Library overhauls, reading events, posts about reading on The Twitter and, perhaps most endearingly, door signs for teachers to write down the title and author of whatever book they are currently reading. Endless amusement has been had walking corridors of school, looking at these signs during the years and idly wondering:

  1. Do students look at these and if so are they even remotely interested?
  2. Do staff look at these and if so are they even remotely interested?
  3. You appear to have been reading Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy for the past two years.
  4. You’re a fifty year old Math teacher and you are reading A CHILDREN’S BOOK?
  5. It’s a competition, isn’t it? In which only three out of sixty people are actually competing.

For past two years have religiously updated own door sign with ‘currently reading’ information in utterly vain hope that just one person will ask me views on obscure 1920s detective fiction. Consider changing strategy for New Academic Year where ‘currently reading’ titles will be ones plucked from Occult reading lists to see if anyone (teacher or student) raises concerns over professionalism and/or mental health or at very least accuses me of Not Taking This Entirely Seriously. In extremely unlikely event of this happening I will immediately raise final point in above list and (smugly, inevitably) await data.