How to effectively spend Pupil Premium funding

Reflecting again on the Raj Chetty article in The Atlantic and thinking about use of Pupil Premium funding in UK schools. Reluctantly admit that spending some of that on strategies to raise academic attainment for Disadvantaged students is important/inevitable (if only because it is metric on which schools are judged) but wonder if more effective use of funding might be in ensuring Opportunities are available to those students.

And before anyone on The EduTwitter blogosphere (is that A Thing? Is own Diary part of that Thing or just unread, unloved collection of virtual scribblings hurled into Void? See Existential Ennui returning in strength over horizon and make another coffee) shouts that this is exactly what The Best and Most Effective schools DO spend Pupil Premium funding on I will just add ‘yes, but’ and ‘no, but really’ and ‘what, you mean Pupil Premium funds don’t just get appropriated for Other Things because school budgets are so paltry and We Have To Be Creative’? Immediately consider third coffee to be Something Of A Mistake.

In all seriousness also consider whether effective use of Pupil Premium funding might be best diverted by schools into supporting parents as much as students, in other words providing opportunities for families to try and ensure that pathways for social mobility of young people are not immediately blocked post-schooling by inevitable barriers erected by established societal structures and systems of control. Immediately write email to colleague leading on The Disadvantaged Agenda with outline of this idea thereby devolving all responsibility. Also apologise for consumption of coffee leading to possibly overlong sentences and overly enthusiastic language in email.