What Is The Point? (slight return)

Mood of Existential Ennui lifts at least partially thanks to exercise yesterday afternoon and accept that Feeling Better About Self is perfectly reasonable goal after twenty eight years of Educating Young People. Also read about Raj Chetty and feel slight wave of optimism that such interesting work on amazing Opportunity Atlas and with Opportunity Insights can be going on in world that seems always to be lurching further and further to The Right and to be ever more determined to reinforce inequality and erecting ever more impervious barriers to social mobility. Tell self that Chetty’s evidence showing Impact of social mobility only evident after two generations is both depressing and reason to Feel Better About Self because whilst might not actually see lasting long term impact of own teaching jobs until after retirement (early or otherwise) at least can convince self that It Will Exist.

Mood of Existential Ennui also lifted a little more by consumption of Second Coffee of morning at 9am courtesy of experimental Alarm Setting regime of Last Week Of Holidays. Determined not to be shaken to the core on September 2nd when alarm goes off at 5.45am so setting progressively earlier alarm times each day this week. Amazed at How Much Can Be Done in these morning hours, though admit productivity has been almost exclusively writing things for Diary, posting about it on The Twitter and not doing anything actually useful at all.