Not A Competition

Results day comes around again and all around me I see smiles. Whole school performance looks in line with last year and there are no surprises, which in itself comes as surprise. Look at own class performance for my specialist area and see a score well above national expectation and twice as positive as other colleague in team. Tell self it is Not A Competition. Immediately glance at timetable for new academic year and see I am being moved out of teaching own specialism into other areas I have No Experience In Or Knowledge About and that teaching load is greater than other leadership colleagues. Idly wonder if this is:

A: reflection on capabilities in areas of leadership
B: recognition of skills as teacher being deployed in areas of need
C: blind panic in attempts to make timetable work

Want to believe answer is B but suspect truth more likely to be a hefty dose of C with a smattering of A. Resist temptation to look (again) at financial prospects for Early Retirement.

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