Diving Deep

In which we revisit the question of QA versus EQ and all the wonders involved therein…

Delighted to learn that after much review of QA/EQ process in the past year it has been agreed that the system is too unwieldy and that colleagues do not have the capacity to carry out all the different tasks outlined in our policy document. New QA/EQ process document is shared ahead of team meeting and I glance over it with interest. Decide it looks suspiciously like the old one but with the buzzword/phrase Deep Dive inserted at key points. Much time in our meeting is given over to exploring this but have to admit that I leave meeting None The Wiser as to what Deep Dive actually means other than All The Things We Did Before but with a Fashionable Title.

Look at proposed new QA/EQ schedule again this morning. Look at weekly calendar. Look back at proposed new QA/EQ schedule then back again at weekly calendar. Wonder once again How On Earth I can fit all the learning walks, work scrutinies and meetings in alongside teaching commitments, Duties and my own leadership areas of responsibility. Idly wonder what will therefore Not Get Done and am not surprised to find myself thinking it will be the same things as this year.

Immediately put note to discuss failure of QA/EQ process in diary for July 2020.


The End Is Nigh

During a Rare Weekend Away I meet R for the first time in too many years and he reminds me that I have not written anything in The Diary for a long time. Somewhat shocked to realise that almost the entirety of the academic year has in fact passed since last putting fingers to keyboard and resolve to Do Better. Decide to write something about the often hilarious antics of an end of the school year and immediately regret doing so when looking at various To Do lists and inordinate number of emails sitting unread, unanswered and, let’s be brutally honest, unloved in the inbox.

This morning then, with five and a half weeks to go, it is decided that we should have A Meeting to draw all the upcoming events and leadership commitments into a timeline. S is kindly volunteered to scribe and draws extensive timeline on whiteboard. As we prepare to leave, J immediately wipes contents of whiteboard in preparation for next meeting. Feel certain this is A Metaphor, but reflect (quite smugly, it has to be admitted) that prior to deletion, whiteboard contents largely reflected contents of own electronic calendar and that (for once) I Know What I Am Doing. Nevertheless, remaining five and a half weeks loom like rather unsightly ogre with unpleasant glint in the eye and a t-shirt reading ‘The End Is Nigh (and not in a good way)’.