On Resilience

Alerted today to an online survey that proclaims an ability to determine a ‘resilience score’ through the completion of a range of questions. Feel certain that wording of questions arrived at through studied Scientific Approach yet cannot bring self (or find time within Busy Schedule) to proceed further than number 20 of 180. Strongly suspect that survey has been devised by people with Too Much Time On Their Hands and therefore most emphatically not employed within the Public Sector. Convinced also that on completing question 180 result would simply be ‘Congratulations! By completing this survey you have proven yourself to be 100% resilient to mind-numbing tedium! Detailed feedback from your responses has already been sold to Google, Facebook and The Russians and will be used to send you individualised advertising.’

Immediately forward link to J and suggest online survey as activity for next PSHE day. It would certainly fill a hefty amount of lesson time, encourage students to work independently and thereby significantly lower planning time for colleagues and contribute magnificently to Lessening Workload. Job done.