Not Research Based

Another Senior Team Meeting drags on interminably towards sunset. Much of the meeting again feels like stream of consciousness outpouring that has gone around in a strangely hypnotic circle. Pinch myself to ensure that I have not in fact fallen asleep and drifted into Joycian reveries.

I haven’t.

Meeting is punctuated by one hilarious moment when reviewing recent CPL session where various colleagues presented in Teach Meet style. T contributes to discussion by revealing that he was pleasantly surprised by effectiveness of approach after admitting deep mistrust of “those Teach Meet things” which, he suggests, “are only excuses for teachers to promote their blogs and look for routes out of the classroom”. Feel vague sense of unease and worry that T has somehow seen through the cloak of invisibility around Provincial Teacher and is making barely hidden reference to own previously published views on matter. Quick check on viewing statistics for Diary reassure me that this is Exceptionally Unlikely.

Hilarity increases when T admits that his stance on Teach Meets is not entirely Research Based given he has never in fact been to one. M immediately sulks and asks whether ANYONE in the team attended the Teach Meet events that he presented at. Sulk increases in intensity when mutterings around table leave no doubt that everyone had Far Better Things To Do on those evenings.

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