See-Saw (or Stating The Bleedin’ Obvious (again))

Email from J to leadership team this morning with a link to this. J is studying for a Masters at the moment, hence the steady stream of group messages with links to articles no-one else has time to read, let alone digest. Cannot resist taking a look however and skim through article over coffee. Cannot help but think article States The Bleeding’ Obvious to some extent and cannot help but also admit that this is me being old and cynical. One idea does connect, however, and it is over the fact that ‘orderly’ is often confused with ‘authoritarian’. Feel need to State Bleedin’ Obvious myself and add that this confusion exists on both sides of the tiresome ‘prog vs trad’ divide. Feel certain this is all about finding the sweet spot on the see-saw where as teachers we balance authority/control with the skill of establishing positive learning relationships with both individuals and the group as a whole. That the sweet spot changes on a daily basis even within the same group and even within the timeframe of a lesson is surely what makes the job so exhausting but thrilling, no?