Bah Humbug

Actually that’s too strong because it is my (second) favourite holiday (nothing compares to the five week decompression chamber of The Summer Holidays). Spend most of the day explaining reason for not wearing Christmas Jumper or Foolish Hat. Unclear if many Year 7s would understand extended explanation of anti-capitalist/consumer stance of refusing to collude in Market generated obligation for purchasing items that will be worn once for a few hours and then promptly discarded and so simply tell them it’s important to understand that one does not always have to Follow The Herd. Despite insistence that such a stance in no way intended as criticism of those who choose to wear Christmas Jumpers and Foolish Hats, cannot help feel that many take it as A Personal Insult. Thankfully distribution of sweets at end of the day alleviates much of this sense of mistrust and almost all go home happy in the knowledge that it is The End Of Another Term.