No Time To Pee

I believe that ‘Hydrate Or Die’ was once the Snappy Slogan for the Camelbak company. It may still be, but I am afraid I have not really been paying attention to such things. Certainly the theory of staying properly fuelled and hydrated has long been established as being Of Vital Importance not just to those pursuing physically orientated goals but also to those interested in more esoteric or indeed academic pursuits. A Healthy Body is A Healthy Mind don’t you know.

Shocked to discover this week then that I am not the only one in my team falling desperately behind in the league table of Ideal Daily Fluid Intake as S and I compared water bottles at the start of Leadership Team meeting after school. Neither of us, it transpired, had drunk more than three fingers worth since 8am. Both agreed that this measure of daily consumption more than adequate for whisky or gin but not going to cut it when it comes to a healthy hydration routine. Proceed to compare days and forced to concede that lack of fluid intake largely dictated by fact that typical days’ pace is such that there is No Time To Pee: Morning of meetings lead straight into break-time duties which lead straight into teaching which lead into lunchtime duties which lead to full afternoon of teaching and then finally to more meetings. J overhears conversation and points out that it sounds like Typical Teacher Whining and suggests we Man Up. Less than fifty precent convinced this suggestion is made in ironic manner.

Determined to include Daily Hydration And Urination Policy For Staff in agenda for next Leadership Team meeting. Also make note to self to cite failure of timetable to meet needs of such a policy as key reason for lack of progress in next appraisal review. Consider this to be a successful solution-focused outcome to the day.