It’s Trad, Dad

p01hg06pMuch fulmination on The Twitter about a so called ‘Progressive Edu-Twitter’ “blindly accepting what others have said”. Admittedly brief exposure to The Twitter suggests default use of the entire service appears to be either blind acceptance or rejection of what others have said and therefore not entirely certain what point is being made.

Still no nearer an answer about what the opposing camp to ‘Progressive Edu-Twitter’ might be. M, who has more experience of these things than I, suggests it is The Traditionalists. This hilariously conjures a vision of legions of educationalists all sporting Acker Bilk hats and mumbling ‘it’s Trad, Dad’ at their conventions.

Further declamation of The Progressive Edu-Twitter suggests that it spends much of its time unthinkingly repeating slogans. Wonder if things like No Excuses and Data Driven Research are not also Slogans. Suspect this is a perfect opportunity to Celebrate Contradictions.