Embrace Hypocrisy and Acknowledge Contradictions

Re-read ‘Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People’ and immediately worry if a book first published in 1988 can Still Be Relevant in a world changed out of all recognition. I know this is the case because I am old enough to remember 1988. Resist temptation to watch video clips on The WikiTube of old Top Of The Pops performances by Yazz and Tanita Tikaram.

Quickly and confidently identify that the Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People are ones that I already have and that therefore any failings in my leadership must be Someone Else’s Fault. Remember that this is the argument put forward by colleagues I have been challenging (in a supportive manner) about the examination results of their students and that perhaps I should re-consider my stance. Consider that the alternative is to accept the hypocrisy and decide that embracing hypocrisy (or at least acknowledging contradictions) could be another habit of Effective Leadership. Immediately make commitment to add this idea to my canon of Highly Individual Ideas that I will propagate endlessly via this diary and on The Twitter. Convinced that the educational illuminati will embrace me for this and welcome me into their midst with open arms.


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