Time Well Spent


Contemplate writing down all the things that have occurred in The First Week Back and decide that:

  1. I do not have the time, energy or headspace necessary to do this.
  2. No-one wants to read about how many things I have had to juggle at once because this is what the job of teaching and leadership in a school entails and is what the phrases ‘Suck It Up Princess’, ‘Man Up’ and (my personal favourite, courtesy of Don Draper in ‘Mad Men’) ‘THAT’S WHAT THE MONEY IS FOR’ were intended to address.

Nevertheless, all week I have been vaguely aware of Things Happening on The Twitter and as a consequence have asked myself on numerous occasions where these people find the time, energy and headspace in order to be quite so ubiquitous. Decide there may be several answers:

  1. Tweets are all scheduled and in fact people are Just As Busy as I am in school. This answer perhaps more troublingly suggests that if this is the case then composing must be done in evenings, nighttime or the early hours of the morning. Suggests also that such colleagues must be androids who do not sleep (and therefore do not dream of electric sheep) or that they have no Work Life Balance. Consider if this is the case then all those Tweets about Workload are deeply ironic.
  2. People Tweeting and blogging about Education are not in fact involved with working in schools at all and are actually writing their words at home or in some delightful coffee shop with free WiFi.
  3. People Tweeting and blogging about Education are indeed working in schools but are so desperate to Build A Following and reach the point where they can get out of school and write their words at home or in some delightful coffee shop with free WiFi that they are willing to sacrifice Work Life Balance in the short term.
  4. They all have better supplies of coffee than I do.

Another possibility is that they are all People With Highly Effective Habits. Concede that whilst this may be the most likely scenario, decide that option 4 is the one that will have the most impact on my practice and proceed to spend several hours researching coffee machines for my office. Consider this Time Well Spent and a fine way to end the First Week Back. Look forward to a more caffeinated Week Two.