More Avoidance Activity

More hours spent on Avoidance Activities this afternoon, this time on The Twitter where a degree of disagreement quickly developed today over a comment made by the Chair of the government’s ‘behaviour group’. Mr Bennett apparently gave a ‘shout out’ to all the teachers who are planning on arranging their desks in neat rows for the new term, the implied assertion being that this one simple action would Solve Behaviour Problems. Found the resultant flurry of accusation and counter-accusation bewildering and mildly depressing. Led me to reflect on the past twenty five years of my own experience and concluded that although a suggestion that the mere re-arrangement of physical space would lead to Good (a word which here I perhaps wrongly interpret to mean compliant) behaviour to be somewhat naive and wilfully simplistic, realise too that counter-arguments perhaps also failed to miss this point. Wonder if this is inevitable where ripostes are character limited, which leads me to doubt if The Twitter is a place I really want to be inhabiting on a regular basis. Decide on further reflection that what I find most troubling of all is that a senior representative of a Government initiative should be using the phrase ‘shout out’, but willing to concede that this may simply be more evidence that I am Old and Out Of Touch.

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