The Twitter

Dipped a toe into the heady waters of The Twitter this morning. I understand it is The Place To Be Seen for anyone involved in education who wants to Get On. Try in vain to keep the sceptic in me from suggesting that those wanting to Get On in education usually means wanting to Get Out Of The Classroom and of school in general. Acknowledge that to many of my colleagues who are main scale teachers I have already succumbed to such temptations through my traitorous move to Leadership. Adamant, however, that a position of leadership has not changed me and that in the year ahead I will endeavour to prove that I am still a Worker like everyone else.

On first perusal The Twitter appears to be full of excitement about a television programme called ‘Educating Manchester’. Understand this to be the latest in a franchise of such television programmes, none of which I have watched. Education experts on The Twitter appear much exercised by the programme and proffer advice to the teachers they have seen on the screen. Amused that many on The Twitter appear to consider the television programme as A Training Video rather than fulfilling the role of Entertainment as I assume is intended. In no way tempted to watch the programme to see if I am right (as I am sure to be. I am In Leadership after all) and am generally mystified by anyone who would choose to watch television programmes about their work for pleasure. Grudgingly accept that perhaps this is another sign that I am not a successful leader and is why I am probably wrong about the programme, or at the very least about the education experts’ attitude towards it. Yearn ever so slightly to be acknowledged as one of these experts but know too that I should probably need to surrender all vestiges of remaining humanity in order to become one.


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