Decide that in spite of earlier advice to self about the need to develop Effective Working Habits for the term ahead, there must surely be some kind of technology that will do this for me. Keep being told, after all, that “there is an app for that”. Spend several hours online researching calendar apps, to-do apps, list apps and apps that proclaim the ability to do All This And More. Consider the amount of time needed to learn how to use any new apps and finally decide that what I really need to do is just plan my days, weeks, months and years in much more detail using the apps (and notebooks) I already have. Decide that J would very much approve of me reaching such a conclusion about detailed planning and immediately start to doubt myself as a result.

On further reflection it occurs to me that what I really mean about planning my days in more detail is to fill in all the gaps in my online calendar so that the rest of my leadership team colleagues do not think I am ‘free’ at any point during the week. Desired outcome of this would be that colleagues do not then fill said time with things they would like me to do in order to help them meet their own targets and complete their own to-do lists. Spend some time worrying that I am not an Effective Leader because I don’t like to trouble other people with things I consider to be my responsibility. Identify this (again) as Something To Work On and add it to the list. Worry that I don’t have the best app for managing lists, and start the whole sorry cycle afresh.