Home from a final holiday hoorah to an email from J about planning the PSHE programme for the year ahead. Instantly worry that I’ve got the acronym wrong and that it might be the PHSE programme but tell myself that in the big scheme of things the acronym is really not that important.

J appears desperate to plan the entire year’s programme before September 1st, no doubt supported by a fifty-two slide PowerPoint presentation outlining the programme which will be shared with us at our leadership meeting on the first Non Pupil Day. There is a request in the email to send him whatever planning we may have done already for this and I laugh heartily, for whilst I accept that PHSE (or PSHE) is An Important Part Of The Curriculum, it is not really An IMPORTANT Part Of The Curriculum and that in everyone else’s List Of Priorities it languishes perilously close to the bottom.

In a moment of sympathy for J I consider that for him and other colleagues my own Areas Of Responsibility nestle unseen in the depths of their Lists Of Priorities and think that perhaps I should send a covering message saying that I have added it to my to-do list and will get the information requested to him shortly. Needless to say the sympathy passes swiftly and the message is not sent.

Still no clearer on whether it is PHSE, PSHE or something else entirely.


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