Mine’s a 99

Home at last to find that the BBC has produced a helpful guide to the new numbering system of GCSE grades. It has helped me enormously although I admit that I look forward with fevered anticipation to the time when a group of people at the cutting edge of the educational zeitgeist decree that we should not be using numbers to grade students at all and instead should be using a system of semaphore flags. League tables of performance will then be compiled according to the prettiness of the flags.

Concede that the idea of semaphore flags is Highly Unlikely and that advice will more likely be that We Should Not Be Grading Young People At All. Or that we ought to be using letters instead.

Further exploration shows the BBC demonstrating their typical unparalleled excellence with this exciting guide to the number 9.

Am reminded inexplicably of conflicting claims between Cadbury and the Arcari ice cream family of Portobello, Edinburgh, to have ‘invented’ the 99 cone. Consequently imagine I hear the theme tune to ‘Doctor Zhivago’ drifting in the evening air and come over all Terribly Nostalgic.

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