It begins again.

Day begins with the always pleasurable stream of year 11 leavers picking up GCSE certificates. Much squealing and thankfully fewer tears than in previous years. Either our students are doing better in their examinations or the Young People are becoming More Resilient. The numbers suggest the former, but alternatively they realise that regardless of how well or otherwise they have performed, their social standing will be the biggest obstacle to them making progress in future life. Willing to admit this is my scepticism at work and this is Something To Work On.

After this pleasure three hours are spent basically talking about ticking boxes and ‘what if…’, during which I frequently lose the will to continue in the world of education or indeed the world at all. Music and lyrics drip into my head with alarming regularity, allowing me to tune out extended dialogues itemising in detail each part of any given narrative. I successfully resist the temptation to scream ‘edit in your head before speaking!’. ‘Ask Dad’ is the most persistent earworm.

Lunchtime comes and goes. Extended descriptions about a variety of situations continue. Stomachs make various peculiar noises but our leadership team is clearly capable of Working Through It.

Data is examined in mystifying detail. Willing to admit this sense of mystery is due mostly to my lack of numeracy and identify this as Something To Work On.

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